Interim Management

Consultancy and coaching are means to help oneself. The responsibility remains with the client. As interim managers, we take on responsibility. Often our clients decide in favor of interim management if internal solutions and business consultancy does not lead to the desired aim anymore.

As an interim manager, I

  • restructure the research and development-department,
  • help innovation teams to approach top form,
  • guide research and development-projects on target.

Interim Management is a topic if you need to bridge vacancies, accompany processes of change or for seldom tasks.

A successful interim manager

  • can easily become acquainted with new tasks,
  • works solution- and result-oriented,
  • leaves the knowledge concealed inside the company,
  • leaves the company again after reaching the aims.

In average, the interim management takes about 4-12 months in which the interim manager guides organizational units or projects, sometimes works as a coach on the further development of executive managers in new positions or with different task fields.

Our areas of expertise

  • innovation management
  • Research and Development-management
  • quality management
  • technical documentation
  • team development
  • corporate succession

The course of interim management

  1. Defining the problems and aims.
  2. Offer and order.
  3. Taking responsibility of management.
  4. Controlling the target achievement, feedback concerning the consultancy project.

Criteria in choosing the right interim manager

  • Quick adjustment to the new project.
  • Good cooperation with other managers.
  • Experience in leadership and team work.
  • Expertise and industry knowledge.
  • Good communication skills.