Expertise on Demand

Transparent consultancy: If your company is not in need of a comprehensive consultancy, but searches for information on specific topics or sparring partners every now and then, you are in the right place here. We offer our clients "Expertise on Demand". You get a short-term appointment at favorable conditions. If your problem is solved, you are free to finish the conversation and only pay for the exact time of consultancy.

Our "Expertise on Demand"-clients come from companies, consulting or private equity companies. Often, the consultancy is done when new processes or management systems are launched, during mergers & acquisitions or corporate successions.

Our key areas of Expertise on Demand

  • innovation management
  • corporate succession
  • quality management
  • technical documentation
  • nickel alloys or markets
  • superconductors
  • cutting processes of metals
  • funding or technological projects