Business Coaching

Business Coaching helps executive managers and employees in achieving their professional goals, and in raising their job satisfaction. An efficient, individual coaching is a way of helping a manager to achieve a skilled management or in finding a confident way of communicating with supervisors and colleagues.

K-T Innovation coaches

  • executive managers and teams in technical roles,
  • start-ups from university,
  • company transferors and successors to deal with the succession.

Benefit from our complementary consultancy:

Choosing consultation, you profit by our professional competence and methodical expertise in order to develop an innovative strategy or innovational management. In this way, you can achieve short-term goals quickly and easily. Choosing coaching, K-T Innovation supports the development of executive managers and teams.

Experience shows that only the complementary approach can lead to sustainability.

The course of business coaching

  1. Clarifying the goals and framework.
  2. Assorting and prioritizing all questions and problems.
  3. Adjusting the approach.
  4. Developing solutions.
  5. Assuring the implementation.
  6. Evaluating the coaching process.

Your coach - Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps

Professional experiences

  • more than ten years as a senior staff with responsibility for innovation department in the metal industry
  • marketing in the teaching material industry
  • researches in construction material and production techniques


  • physics studies
  • promotion in materials science
  • further training in coaching, team building and leadership